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Darren Criss Listen Up Tour Masterpost

My other masterpost page is dying, so I've decided to put the Listen Up stuff here. For any other Darren shows, the main Masterpost is here.

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Disclaimery bits:
1. I didn't make any of these recordings. I collected them from various sources, including ripping some audio from YouTube myself, but all the original recordings were done by other, far more wonderful people than myself.
2. Ditto to the pictures I've used as album covers.
3. I used the black & white versions of these album covers as previews; there are colour versions already attached to the albums, but every folder has a colour and a b&w version so you can pick whichever one you like. Some of them even have extra covers to choose from.
4. I went to a LOT of trouble to put this together, so PLEASE feel free to share! If you know anyone who might want anything, link them! Spread it around!
5. If you have all but one of the songs from an album, let me know and I'll upload it for you. I didn't upload all of the songs individually for obvious reasons.
6. I haven't put up anything that is available to be bought. For all Darren's other shows, the main Masterpost is here.

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