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Pushing Daises: A Horror Story

Pushing Daisies: A Horror Story

Detective and undercover witch Charlotte "Chuck" Charles is investigating a series of horrific murders in the area when she gets too close to something and is killed. Her lover, pie-maker Ned, is shattered by her death...and haunted by her ghost, which only he can see. He requests the help of Emerson Cod, Chuck's former partner, who became a paranormal investigator after the disappearance of his daughter. Meanwhile, Chuck's aunts Lily and Vivian and their coven close ranks after the loss of one of their own, doing what they can to prevent Ned and Emerson from discovering their secret.


Charlotte Charles: Charlotte was a 29-year-old witch working as a detective for the police until her untimely death. Now she's a ghost, and can only communicate with her boyfriend Ned, who wonders if she's real or just a figment of his fractured mind.

Ned: Ned is a regular guy, an expert piemaker by trade, whose life is thrown into chaos when his girlfriend dies. He discovers her secret past and starts investigating the strange murders she was looking into before she died, but the police start to think his involvement is suspicious.

Emerson Cod: Emerson was a seasoned detective with the police before his daughter disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Convinced something supernatural was involved, Emerson becomes a paranormal investigator, and helps Ned looks into Charlotte's death.

Lily & Vivian Charles: Lily is the leader of the local coven, and Vivian is her sister. They lock down the coven after the death of their niece for fear of being exposed. They begin to believe that one of their own might be responsible for the gruesome murders plaguing the city, and are determined to protect their sisters. When Emerson and Ned cross their paths, they'll do anything to stop them learning the truth...

Olive Snook: A solitary witch, Olive is new to the coven and intrigued by the disturbed Ned. As she grows closer to him, they find solace in each other and Olive's loyalties are tested.

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